Automata FAQ


What is Automata Conveyor?
Conveyor is a MEV Minimization solution that aims to create a front-running-free zone as it arranges transactions in a determined order and thus makes it impossible for malicious actors to:
(1) inject new transactions into its output due to signature mismatch or to
(2) delete ordered transactions, as transactions are broadcasted throughout the network.
Anti-front-running: No front-running transactions on the trading pairs that support Conveyor.
Privacy on ordering: Transaction order is not revealed unless it is determined and unalterable. No one, including the hosting nodes, will know the ordering before it’s decided.
To find out more about Conveyor, check out our Light paper, which details Conveyor and the problems it solves.
The development of Conveyor is currently in the private beta stage. However, stay tuned for further updates.
Last modified 1yr ago