Automata FAQ


What is Automata Witness?
Automata Witness is a customizable voting mechanism for decentralized applications (with privacy features) across various blockchains.
Automata Witness has three main features; Privacy (where the project owner can choose the level of privacy that is desired), Low-Cost (as the voting occurs off-chain then there is no gas fee) and Chainhook (Trigger on-chain execution based on the voting results). It must also be noted that Witness includes the feature to be modified to the project owner’s preference, with each previous feature being able to be used individually or in combination with another.
Automata Witness is currently in open beta, and you can now give it a go by following our developer preview at You could also use this Youtube guide to learn more about navigating the demo.
Please note that the preview demo is not meant for production and does not represent the final product.
Currently, Witness supports several different platforms, including Ethereum (Mainnet, Kovan Testnet), Binance Smart Chain (Mainnet, Testnet), Polygon and many more.
For the complete list of currently supported platforms and more detailed information about Automata Witness, please examine this document (