Automata FAQ


Questions on Mainnet?
When will mainnet be launched?
The mainnet has been launched on 1st November 2021.
What is ContextFree?
ContextFree is the canary network of Automata’s main network where its features are rolled out in phases to ensure the stability and security of the blockchain.
What is a canary network?
A canary network can be thought of as a rehearsal copy of the main network with similar features for users to participate in. Unlike a testnet, a canary network has real economy as it is accessible to the public to transfer funds, stake, run nodes and to participate in governance. The configuration of a Canary network is usually much faster in block time with lower cost requirements for nodes and software deployment, thus making it the perfect ground for testing in a live environment.
What happens to ContextFree after mainnet is launched?
ContextFree may continue to run as a separate blockchain as a staging area for developers. Stay tuned for updates.
What do the different periods in the roadmap mean?
These periods are phases in which features are added and tested to ensure a smooth launch:
  • Carboniferous - The beginning of a PoA (Proof of Authority) blockchain. Nodes are run by approved identities only.
  • Permian - $ATA coin goes live on the blockchain.
  • Triassic - Cross chain bridge goes live for users to send their tokens from Ethereum/BSC to our blockchain.
  • Jurassic - Entry of more community nodes, integration of explorers, wallets and exchanges.
  • Cretaceous - Automata middleware services to go live. (Eg. Witness)
  • Paleogene - PoA becomes NPoS (Nominated Proof of Stake). The public is now invited to become a validator or nominator to earn staking rewards.
  • Neogene - Community governance goes live. Users can now propose and vote for changes to the blockchain.
  • Quaternary - Integration of the compute & service plane to the blockchain.
Do we have a timeline for each period in the roadmap?
We do not have fixed dates for the completion of each period for now. Stay tuned for further updates. Announcements will be made frequently on the progress of each period.
Do the bars mean anything in this image of the medium post?
"Introducing ContextFree, the Canary Network for Automata" Medium, 30/09/21
No. This image is a creative symbolism of the different geologic periods.
When can I start staking?
You can only do so after mainnet switches to NPoS (Nominated Proof of Stake) and the cross-chain bridge for token transfer is opened for you to transfer ERC20 & BEP20 $ATA tokens over to your mainnet wallet.
What wallet can I use for ContextFree and Mainnet?
You can use the polkadot-js chrome extension at the chrome web store.